Personal work
Year: 2012 - 2015
Role: co-founder, director, director of photography and editor
With: Juliana Mendonça (co-founder, director), Fred França (sound recordist), Gabriel Karasek (motion), Fernando Bittar (art direction), João Antunes (soundtrack, audio mixing), Mateus Karasek (soundtrack, sound design).

Categories: video, documentary, continuecurioso

continuecurioso (direct translation "keep being curious") was a project I produced along with Juliana Mendonça, Fred França, Gabriel Karasek, Fernando Bittar, João Antunes and Mateus Karasek from 2012 to 2015. Emerged as a documentary webseries to talk about life and questionings and we interviewed people that had let a conventional way of life to embrace the unknown and we talked about their choices, works, joys and mistakes. Later the project expanded it to the realization of a blog, lectures and meetings to stimulate curiosity.

We developed three video formats: the traditional continuecurioso (the first format); RAMO, focused on stories about entrepreneurship; and continuecurioso com, where we showed stories about founders of projects born and raised on the Internet.

>> continuecurioso episodes:

>> continuecurioso RAMO. uma jornada sincera sobre uma nova empresa: In this series we follow people that start a business from scratch creating a new carrier path and we talk about their choices, works, joys and mistakes.

>> CONTINUECURIOSO COM: In this series we interview the people in front of amazing initiatives, born and raised on the Internet and we talk about their choices, works, joys and mistakes.