Role ········ Co-founder and content creator
Year ········ 2012-2015
Live ········ continuecurioso

continuecurioso (direct translation "keep being curious") was a project I produced along with Juliana Mendonça, Fred França, Gabriel Karasek, Fernando Bittar, João Antunes and Mateus Karasek from 2012 to 2015. It emerged firstly as a web series presenting life changing stories that questioned work-life balance and happiness, but then it turned into a blog, and we later began to organize meetings and experiences to promote curiosity in different aspects of life. It was an independently project developed by 6 passiote people.

We produced a total of 74 videos and conducted 23 interviews. It has reached as far as 1,185,853 people, having reverberated in many national and international renowned media channels, such as Época Negócios, O Globo, Rede CBN, Update or Die!, Revista Galileu, Vida Simples and Hypeness, having had also taking part in a TEDx Talk in Brazil, in a Brazilian school's educational program and in some events in Brazilian universities. Those were intense years of my life in between producing, filming, editing and promoting the project every single day.

We developed three video formats: the traditional continuecurioso (the first format); RAMO, focused on stories about entrepreneurship; and continuecurioso com, where we showed stories about founders of projects born and raised on the Internet.

continuecurioso RAMO. Uma jornada sincera sobre uma nova empresa: In this series we follow people that start a business from scratch creating a new carrier path and we talk about their choices, works, joys and mistakes.